"up from the ashes"
"Why Phoenix Enterprise II ?"

Probably the most frequently asked question when we deal with a new buyer or salesman is, "Why the name Phoenix Enterprise II?"

The name of our company was chosen with a great deal of care to have a particular meaning. In the sense of the dictionary definition, Phoenix, of course, is taken from the mythical bird.  As the story goes, every 500 years this bird is consumed in flames, and from the ashes that remain a new bird grows. The word "Enterprise" is defined as a "task undertaken with the intent to do it well".


We often find ourselves mistaken at shows for covering the State of Arizona rather than Upstate New York. We also find that companies we deal with, and many other people misinterpret our name.

While we are sure we could have chosen a simpler name, it is one we have grown proud of and one, which we hope becomes, linked in our customers' minds with good service.


Since the agency is now 50 years old, you can be sure of our continued service for at least another 450 years.


Rick Moscato